Vibra-Floor in Austin!

Sol is proud to house Austin’s first Vibra-Floor. This innovative floor has a unique design that allows people to feel sound as vibrations through their bodies.

Imagine an experience of savasana where beautiful, calming music washes through you from above and below, where the music moves physically through your body, allowing a deeper level of letting go.  Or an experience of dance where the floor literally moves with your feet. Or group sound healing where all can experience sound moving physically into the body. The Vibra-Floor offers this whole new depth of experience.

The floor is built on a frame mounted with eight tactile transducers, strategically spaced for the most even distribution of sound vibration. In effect, the entire floor to becomes the speaker.

Beneath each transducer is a quartz crystal, and the crystals together they form a sacred geometric grid that has been intentionally activated to produce a heightened and refined energetic experience.

Whether you’re renting the studio for an event, or joining us for a yoga class, this floor will expand and enhance your experience.

Gratitude to the community of supporters who made this dream become reality at Sol.

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