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Energy Healing

The fundamental concept of energy healing is that trauma, stress, false belief systems, dis-ease, and other blocks are stored in the chakra systems (i.e. energy centers) of our bodies. Energy healers can clear these blocks so that our mind, body, and soul connection moves into a healthier relationship. We are then able to achieve our highest potential physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Through Health and Wellness Coaching, Reiki Therapy, Crystals and Flower Essences, I combine a deep connection to the natural world with a desire to be of service to others in their healing process. I am a Wellcoaches Certified Health and Wellness Coach, a Reiki Master Therapist and a student of Hakomi Body Centered Psychotherapy. Read more...
Katherine enjoys teaching yoga, mindfulness and meditation, through various methods, to a wide variety of students. What all her classes have in common are: breath, awareness, self-kindness and mindful curiosity. Read more...
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Liesl Schott MD integrates multiple disciplines through a spiritual focus, addressing the many levels of the being as an integrated whole, while working with the client through consciousness to achieve greater healing on all levels. Her unique mind-body approach blends disciplines of Spiritual Psychology, Functional Medicine, and Noetic Field work a type of transformational energy work. Read more...
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