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Support, help, and guidance are always available to you.  You are never alone–your guides and angels are always present.  An Intuitive Guidance session can help you know the power of asking for help and guidance, because asking is an imperative part of your relationships with your spiritual “team.”  These sessions include connecting to your higher self and guides through energy work, oracle cards, and channeled messages.  What comes through for you is warm, loving, and often transformative.

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Tracy is a teacher and healing facilitator who has extensive experience creating and holding sacred, healing space. She is a clairsentient, clairvoyant, and claircognizant channel of empowering guidance specific to each client.  Tracy uses her intuitive gifts in crystal and sound healing sessions, and she facilitates transformative programs designed to enrich the Mind-Body-Spirit connection.  Her goal is to empower you to participate in your own healing and to empower you to expand your connection to Source and your Higher Self. Read more...
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