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Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy is a beautiful way to clear your chakra system, bring peace and relaxation into your life, and to simply let go of what no longer serves you.  In a sound healing sessions, singing bowls are struck of sung over your body.  Your mind will relax with the beautiful sound as the vibration moves through your body to help bring you back to wholeness.

Sound Therapy sessions:

∞ are deeply relaxing rejuvenating
∞ will realign energetic frequencies, remove emotional blocks, and encourage healing and spiritual growth
∞ assist in all areas of your life by clearing energetic imbalances, that left untreated,  end up manifesting in physical ailments or emotional issues
∞ promote health via physical and energetic sound entrainment

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Tracy is a teacher and healing facilitator who has extensive experience creating and holding sacred, healing space. She is a clairsentient, clairvoyant, and claircognizant channel of empowering guidance specific to each client.  Tracy uses her intuitive gifts in crystal and sound healing sessions, and she facilitates transformative programs designed to enrich the Mind-Body-Spirit connection.  Her goal is to empower you to participate in your own healing and to empower you to expand your connection to Source and your Higher Self. Read more...
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Susan tries to move through the world in peace&joy.  Her intention is to create spaces of peace&joy so that you may have experiences that nourish your mind, heart and soul.  Susan blends her training as a Certified McLean Meditation teacher, as a Certified Sound Practitioner and as a Psychotherapist in creating spaces for growth. Susan hopes that by sharing the gift of meditation with others, that it will leave ripples of healing and peace in communities and the world. Susan practices at Sol Healing & Wellness Center in Northwest Austin (easily accessible from Cedar Park, Round Rock and Georgetown) and The Peace Box (central Austin).   Services Practiced at Sol: Integrative Psychotherapy & Supervision IntegrRead more...
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