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Spiritual Psychology is the study and practice of Conscious Awakening. It is a technology that empowers people to convert their everyday life experience into rungs on the ladder of Spiritual Awakening.

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Richard is a spiritual coach, consultant and facilitator for personal, professional and business growth, his client work takes a multidimensional approach based on a foundation of Spiritual Psychology and consciousness transformation. His focus is Conscious Co-Creation and assisting people in stepping into their abundance and manifesting a life of joy, peace and prosperity. He is passionate about guiding his clients to an experience of empowerment using tools such as compassionate self forgiveness, self-awareness and gratitude. Read more...
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Liesl Schott MD integrates multiple disciplines through a spiritual focus, addressing the many levels of the being as an integrated whole, while working with the client through consciousness to achieve greater healing on all levels. Her unique mind-body approach blends disciplines of Spiritual Psychology, Functional Medicine, and Noetic Field work a type of transformational energy work. Read more...
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