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Richard Powell, Spiritual Coach, Consultant and Facilitator

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Richard is a spiritual coach, consultant and facilitator for personal, professional and business growth, his client work takes a multidimensional approach based on a foundation of Spiritual Psychology and consciousness transformation. His focus is Conscious Co-Creation and assisting people in stepping into their abundance and manifesting a life of joy, peace and prosperity. He is passionate about guiding his clients to an experience of empowerment using tools such as compassionate self forgiveness, self-awareness and gratitude.

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Richard Powell Life Consulting
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Richard Powell
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This Sol Practitioner is a good fit for you if:
  • You are looking to expanding the prosperity and abundance in your life
  • You are looking to heal and forgive past wounds in order to expand into more peace and joy
  • You want to move from the fear and worry to stepping into a more empowered focus in creating what you truly want
  • You want to overcome the overwhelm and go to a place of clarity

Richard also works with businesses, organizations and teams that want to move into more cooperation, expansion and prosperity.



Modality & Method

Magical and Practical at the same time.”
Heather Brown, Toronto, Canada

“Richard Powell’s work evokes an expansive sense of abundance. It is notable that he approaches the experience of abundance on many levels and from a number of directions. His approach is both inwardly joyful and outwardly practical.”
-David Bransky, Assistant Dean at Ventura College and Higher Education Consultant

“Richard is a priceless treasure! His heartfelt presence, guidance and trusted intuition led me deeper into my own brilliance and inner awareness. He brings such peace and wisdom to our time together, and I immediately drop into Truth, and the noise falls away. He is generous, funny and real, truly showing up and interested, personally and professionally. He also brings his skillful “toolbelt” to support deep transformation in each session, all with the feeling of grace and ease. I am truly grateful for you Richard!”
Sylvia Valentine, Santa Cruz, California at SylviaValentine.com


Richard is one of the rare consultants who has real life experience running a large company as well as years of deep experience as a student and leader in transformational education, spiritual psychology and personal development.

Along with working individually with clients he also is a skilled facilitator for group work.

He works with Spiritual Psychology which is defined as the study and practice of the art and science of Conscious Awakening. This is a combination of more traditional psychology along with integrating the spiritual component of a higher Source or Intelligence. The foundation of this work is compassion and love.

This along with intuition, energy work, humor, and his own spiritual journey over the years brings forward a unique and powerful technique to assist people to thrive in their lives.



While Richard served as a CEO in the business world for over 27 years, he also spent more than three decades in the pursuit of enlightenment, inner advancement and personal growth. Along the way he earned a Master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica and a Master’s and Doctorate degree in Spiritual Science from Peace Theological Seminary and College of Philosophy. He has been a Board Member of the University of Santa Monica since 2007 and has facilitated numerous workshops and seminars. He has traveled the world, both teaching and learning, and continues his own journey of personal evolution.

Credentials –

  • Doctor of Spiritual Science (DSS) from Peace Theological Seminary and College of Philosophy – 2018
  • Master of Spiritual Science (MSS) from Peace Theological Seminary and College of Philosophy – 1996
  • Master of Applied Psychology from University of Santa Monica – 1993
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) from Texas Tech University – 1979

Workshops he has created –

  • The 8 Week Master’s Path to Creation Program
  • Master’s Path to Creation Workshop
  • Essence Manifesting to Form Program



“I believe that each one of us is divine at our core, and when we can tap into that loving essence, we are able to live from that place in the world. From this perspective, I assist people in expanding into joy, peace and freedom in their lives. By connecting to our natural innate wisdom, we can release the illusions that create fear, worry and feeling stuck and create lives of Grace, harmony and abundance.”