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Stacy helps people to embrace their wholeness.  She encourages her clients and students to have a sense of curiosity and wonder while they work and to take note of their inner and outer environment. Through your time working with Stacy, you’ll discover acceptance, humor and understanding so you can tap into greater ease.

Stacy’s intention is to uplift you so you can open doors to your best quality of life.

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Stacy Wooster
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Yoga Therapy

Your body talks to you every day and you can learn to listen to the message it sends.  To help you do this, Stacy offers both group and private yoga instruction.  Stacy’s approach to yoga is so much more than putting your body into shapes.  What yogic tools would be most supportive to you?  Learn these and learn to observe where you may beholding tension or strain in your body and how well you’re breathing.  With awareness the body breath and mind begin to shift.


The moment you were born was extraordinary. The relationship of sun+moon+stars+earth will never be the same. The lives you touch and have touched will never be the same.  You are amazing and unique.  Did you know you came with a blueprint? There is no other design quite like yours. Would you like to understand it better?

Massage Therapy

Stacy’s holistic bodywork and massage session integrates many modalities plus an intuitive touch.  And, it is you, the client, that guides her to what you need.  Stacy listens to what your body and spirit offers.  She responds.  Then she listens again.  The work becomes a conversation and allows you to gently, yet deeply unravel held-patterns in your body.

Apothecary & Herbal Consults

When the body is offered the support it needs, it has the amazing capacity to heal itself.

Stacy assists her clients in uncovering root causes, exploring health habits, finding strategies for improving for well-being, and fortifying body, mind and spirit through the use of plants.


Licensed Massage Therapist and Massage Therapy Instructor

Certified Yoga Therapist (International Association of Yoga Therapy)

Founder/ Director of the 1st Registered Prenatal Yoga School in Texas (Yoga Alliance)

Certified Herbalist

Certified Yogastrologer® and Yogastrology® Ambassador

Finalist in Austin Birth Awards as Best Yoga Instructor, Best Infant Care Class and Best Herbalist (x2)

Published Writer