Saundra Goldman
Founder, Creative Mix, Inc.

I’m Saundra Goldman, founder of Creative Mix. As an art historian and curator, as well as teacher, mentor and writer, I have worked with hundreds of women artists and creatives, championing their art, and helping them reclaim their creative calling. I’d love to help you manifest your work and bring it into the world.

Do you feel stuck in the Accomplishment Gap – that space between what you know you’re capable of and called to do versus what you’re actually doing with this one creative life?  Despite your education and experience, you haven’t achieved your full potential.

It’s not easy to blend a commitment to making art with allegiance to family or a need to create income. The urgency of the everyday can undermine and overshadow our attempts to get to the studio or the page. No matter where you are on your creative journey, it’s not too late to transform the chaos into a vital creative mix.

What if you could see clearly where you are on your path – discover that red thread that runs through your life and work – and take the next steps to live according to your creative calling – without destroying your personal life?