Aqua Yoga

Aqua Yoga

Aqua yoga is a fun and gentle form of exercise that every one can enjoy.  In the water, gravity is greatly reduced, your body weight is lifted and you can move freely – the burden is taken off joints and vertebra.  This makes it possible for you to easily move into yoga poses and to enjoy stretches that might be uncomfortable on land.

Water also acts as a force of resistance, allowing you to exercise and strengthen.  The move you’ll do in this class are both flowing and strenthening.  The side of the pool is used, as well as the floor, to create stability and to help you stretch.

To keep you comfortable, the pool is heated to near body temperature – 85 to 90 degrees.   No worries about your hair – you will not have to put your head underwater.

Class Dates & Times

Classes held every Sunday 10:30 – 11:30.

For more information, you may go to


$13 per class or $40 for 4-class pack


Floating Lotus and Sol are pleased to welcome Katherine Winge as aqua yoga instructor this year.

About Katherine Winge

Through years of personal yoga practice (and injury), I have found that attention to alignment, modifications and a non-competitive attitude are key components to health and wellness.  I specialize in sciatica, back pain and stress management, using yoga, meditation, intention and breath work to transcend physical and mental obstacles.

My classes include flowing breath-inspired movements as well as longer held stretching/strengthening poses. While physical fitness is a result of my teaching style, my intention is to increase body and mind awareness in a slower paced atmosphere of self-kindness and compassion.

Through my studies with the Yoga Studies Institute, Dharma Yoga and Aqua Kriya Yoga, I have accumulated over 700 hours of yogic and meditation training.  In 2010, I created an Aqua Yoga program at TownLake YMCA which continues on today.Questions?

Contact Katherine at:

(512) 470-9083

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