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Jeannette - RYT200

Jeanette framedJeannette has always loved living the life of a teacher while she considers herself an eternal student. She began her professional career, first, in the mental health field bringing children and adolescents lessons of healing, compassion, balance, courage, and strength.

Jeannette approached yoga in 2009 looking for and finding a physical reward. She felt the practice nourish her body and became a committed yogi when the practice provided space to live the human experience with access to healing, inspiration, and unfolding the joy that is life.

She is currently in love with pranayama practice and her passion lies in the philosophy of it all. Her dream is to share with her students an overall sense of wellness and health. Jeannette has immense gratitude for her husband, teachers, family, and students.

She is registered with Yoga Aliiance as a 200 hour Hatha Yoga Instructor and iRest Teacher in Training Level 1.

Yoga Classes with Jeannette

Strong Enough To Be Soft

It is in this Hatha Yoga class that we explore the self through focused movement. Hatha yoga is a practice of movement and breath and is the foundation to all yoga practices being taught in the West. During the practice Jeannette guides you through accessible and dynamic movement and then invites you to spend time in the posture promoting focus, stamina, strength, and flexibility. All skill levels are welcome.
Cost: $15 or purchase a 4 class pass for $60 and receive your fifth class free. Cash only.

Rest, Relax, and Reawaken

Guided Meditation Complimented with Restorative Yoga   

During a restorative class blankets, blocks, bolsters, and pillows are put into place so that they may support the body 100%. The support allows permission for held tension to release from muscles and the mind promoting a state of relaxation. The practice consists of minimal light and gentle movement at the start of class and then 4 – 6 supported postures each being held for a few minutes at a time.

During the postures there is opportunity for the body to slow down and reset through rest. To promote rest Jeannette includes a journey of the self through the self with iRest Yoga Nidra. This guidance is devoted to cultivating increased self awareness, focus to the present moment, and reduces the connection we have to negative emotions.

When the practice is concluded you may find yourself motivated to explore life with courage, flexibility, and a sense of expansion. Benefit from the class by taking a meaningful break from a busy life or practice to rest.

Cost: donation

Gentle Hatha – Taking Yoga Home with You

Have you noticed the movements that are required of you from day to day are becoming uncomfortable or painful? Things like carrying groceries, mowing the lawn, picking up laundry, reaching high shelves, checking the blind spot while driving, and lifting up your children or grandchildren are pieces of our lives that present risk to our backs, knees, shoulders, and neck. Whenever we feel pain or stiffness that is a message that our mobility is being compromised. This class is designed to promote increased mobility and strength with a focus on injury prevention that will translate to your daily activities. All ages, body types, and experience levels are encouraged to attend.

Cost: minimum donation $5


Please feel free to contact Jeannette Lara:

(512) 387-4438

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