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Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy has its origins in osteopathic tradition of bone manipulation but feels more energetic to the touch.  While its name implies working with trauma or disorders involving the head, like headaches, migraines, post concussion syndrome, post operative recovery of tumor removal, the therapy offers a holistic approach to working with the whole person.  It’s premise is that by working with the two places the spine attaches, the cranium and the sacrum, gentle holding pressure or decompressive techniques circulate cerebral spinal fluid, regulate the central nervous system, down regulate the stress response of the sympathetic nervous system, and return ease of movement.

Aside from the clinical, the beauty of craniosacral therapy is that the practitioner places their hands, and through listening to the feel of the tissues, helps the body unwind through an innate natural wisdom it seems to communicate.  This listening practice takes the session away from what we think we know and should do about a pain or disorder, it brings us into feeling contact of what the body is seeking to do to heal.