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Anna Collins, MA, LPC

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Much of the work Anna does focuses on processing experiences from a mind/body approach in the present moment. She empathically engages with clients and meets them where they are in their process. A big part of her approach involves building self compassion through self awareness without shame. She does this by creating a collaborative and safe environment with no judgment.

Business Name
Compassion's Way Counseling
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Anna Collins
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This Sol Practitioner is a good fit for you if:
  • You are searching for someone who works in an experiential, somatic, compassionate, and emotionally engaged way. Initially, she establishes a safe holding space for you to connect with her in an open and vulnerable way with no judgement. If you are looking for a therapist who uses humor and laughter in therapy, Anna does just that. Contrary to popular belief, therapy doesn’t always have to be so serious. In fact, laughter can be extremely healing and grounding, which can be a huge asset in your journey towards growth.
  • You are a preteen, teen, or adult who has come to a place in life where the burden of not feeling felt is too great. If you are at a point where you want to be seen authentically and without shame, Anna will be a good fit for you. She also likes to include family members in therapy if you feel that it will be beneficial.
  • You are struggling with anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, self harm, body image issues, experienced trauma, are struggling in your relationship, or experiencing conflict with your family.
  • You want to be present with yourself, without shame.
Modality & Method
  • Somatic Experiencing: Treats complex and shock trauma
  • EMDR: Treats trauma
  • Internal Family Systems: Builds calmness, curiosity, clarity, compassion, confidence, creativity, courage, and connectedness.
  • Interpersonal Neurobiology: Helps you understand how your mind is affected by your experiences
  • Attachment Theory: Build a secure attachment in the therapeutic relationship and understand your own attachment needs
  • Family Systems Therapy: Build awareness about how you are influenced by the dynamics within your family.
  • Object Relations: Connect the past with the present to build self awareness.
  • Sensory Processing Disorder and its Implications in Healing Trauma with Robert Scaer: 2010
  • Somatic Experience Training: 2012
  • Positive Discipline Certification: 2013
  • IFS training: 2013
  • EMDR Training: 2015
  • The Mindsight Approach to Well-Being: A Comprehensive Course in Interpersonal Neurobiology: 2016

As a therapist, I have learned that we are not alone in our struggles. People hurt together, and we also must heal together. Through our relationships and experiences, we can grow and rediscover what we thought was once lost. I want to help you down that path of discovery.