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Judy Kegg, Licensed Massage Therapist, Owner Floating Lotus Watsu

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Judy has been practicing bodywork for more 15 years and has had the privilege and pleasure to learn with some of the most talented teachers and fascinating bodies from all over the world. While she is passionate about all forms and philosophies in the healing arts, her true joyful purpose is aquatic bodywork. This modality allows the body to move with the powerful but gentle forces of water helping people deal with stress, pain and discomfort while creating blissful relaxation that cannot be experienced on land.

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Floating Lotus Watsu
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Judy Kegg
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I have been blessed with a fulfilling career in various reputable spa businesses. My experience includes participation as a board member with Texas Brain Injury Association, a partner with Mary Lee Foundation and volunteering with La Via Sana at the Austin State Hospital with Dr. Keekoh the “Divine K9 Therapy Dog”, as well as an executive of the Austin Healing Circle Committee.

Through these opportunities I have been inspired by the imperative need to share these transforming therapies and philosophies in a community setting which enable connections, paying it forward and learning to care for ourselves and each other.

Floating Lotus and all its affiliates are delighted to find our “home” at Sol Healing and Wellness Center to facilitate demands of the individuals needs through compassion, vision and the empowerment of social entrepreneurship.