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Pam Krejci, LCSW, psychotherapist for teens, adults & families

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Pam provides psychotherapy to teens, adults & families. Her practice focuses on befriending difficult emotions,  taming destructive ones, cultivating compassion, and personal transformation.   Her services are rooted in the relationship that is established in therapy and she has created a space that feels safe, compassionate and free of judgment. By engaging in therapy with Pam, you’ll learn how to choose your own adventure in your life rather than just reacting to the world around you.


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Pam Krejci
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I am honored to be a part of someone’s unique journey as they seek peace and healing in their lives. Our lives are so full of being busy that we do not take the time for self-discovery or to reflect on the support we need. Often emotional  pain exists in our lives because of our relationships (past and current) with others and ourselves. It is through our relationship in therapy that you may feel safe to befriend difficult emotions, tame destructive ones, and fully accept positive ones. It is through gentle curiosity that we work together to help you gently unfold what your needs are, and develop the skills to treat yourself and others with tenderness and care.