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Marketing Services

Sol Healing & Wellness Center is well known in Austin and surrounding areas as a center that offers high-quality services and events.  We have organically built a following of more than 1,350 followers on Facebook.  Because we have more than 20 full time practitioners, plus multiple spaces for group events, our website draws traffic organically, as well.

If you are planning an event at Sol Healing & Wellness Center, our Event Marketing Services can supplement your efforts to build an audience and attendance for your event. Ask Daniella for more information when you contact her about your rental.

For $50 per event, you receive:

  1. Event listed on Sol Healing & Wellness public Facebook page . This service requires that you have a business Facebook page and that you independently create a Facebook event on that page and can make Sol a host of that event.
  2. Event listed on Sol’s Meetup group.  This service requires that you have a Meetup account, that you join the Sol Meetup group,  and that you independently create a Meetup event.
  3. Event listed on event calendar on Sol Healing & Wellness website.  This service requires #2 above.  The event calendar interfaces with Meetup and creates events on the Website with the information from Meetup.
  4. One social media share at day/time of event host’s choosing with 1 week notice.

Please note that our marketing services require that you be able to independently create and edit events in Facebook and Meetup.  Technical assistance is not included in the $50 fee.  

For more information about Marketing Services, please contact Daniella Smith directly at daniella@SolHealing.com.