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Mind Centered Services

Mind Centered Services

Sol offers mind centered services that support your personal journey and facilitate your healing. The intent is to nurture your healing and personal growth at all levels- physical, emotional and spiritual – to uplift and inspire you, opening new horizons for your journey.

Sol’s approach to counseling focuses on the many aspect that make up a whole person. This holistic approach is not just to provide relief to your symptoms, but helps you find your ability to transform your life as you see fit. Instead of just focusing on one aspect of your mental health, Sol therapists not only focus on you (mind/ body/ spirit), but also your life experiences, strengths, and motivation for change. The therapists at Sol do not prescribe medication.

Many people define meditation in different ways. For some it is a spiritual or religious purpose, for others it is about reflection and contemplation, while some also consider it to be used helpful for relaxation and healing. Even more interesting is that all of these are correct! Let Sol practitioners guide you through meditation so that you can find your center once again, or just to stay centered.

Sound Therapy

Description of Sound Therapy coming soon.

Clinical Supervision is offered to LMSWs working toward full LCSW licensure. Sol Associates, PLLC also offers supervision to LPCs looking for ways to deepen and expand their current practice. The focus is on therapists’ personal and professional development as well as quality client services.

The intent of wellness coaching is to help you find physical and emotional happiness. Coaching is about making your life what you want it to be and is separate from consulting, mentoring, advising, or counseling. Life Coaches address specific personal goals and help you find choices that suit your current lifestyle. Focusing on your values, goals, abilities, and motivation.


Anna Lisa Conlin practices counseling through Sol Community Counseling.

Charla Lineman practices wellness coaching.

Cynthia Lovin practices meditation.

Rachel Lupercio practices counseling through Excelerated Living.

Sean Maher practices sound therapy.

Megan McDonald practices counseling through Sol Community Counseling.

Steve Milan practices counseling and supervision through Sol Associates, PLLC.

Julie Nachman practices counseling through Sol Community Counseling.

Xavier Reveles practices counseling through Sol Community Counseling.

Kathleen Womansong practices counseling through Compassion for Self.


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