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Office Rentals

Sol’s mission is to offer a safe, intentional, learning, and healing environment where professionals collaborate

While the majority of our practitioners office at Sol full-time, we also recognize value in nurturing the practices of those needing space on an daily basis.

We have two offices available for part-time rent.  Practitioners renting part-time are also expected to be a member of out community.  Being a member of our practitioner community requires an application process and comes with a monthly fee plus a list of benefits that includes discounts on space rental.  Click here to check out the advantages of joining the Sol community as a practitioner-member.

Both offices are set up as counseling/coaching spaces by default, but one can be arranged for bodywork.

Space is available in blocks.  Mornings until 2:00 pm and afternoon/evenings from 2:30 pm on.

For more details, contact Daniella Smith:


(512) 481-2466

Charla’s Office:

Light, bright, and beautiful, this office’s peach and red tones are warm and inviting. The default set up is for counseling, but can be also be used as a bodywork space–there is a massage table readily available. Furniture includes two chairs and a desk, and a third chair can be moved in if desired.


Sol Community Counseling Office:

Light-filled and serene, this office offers a beautiful space for counseling and coaching sessions. Furniture includes two chairs and a desk.